CDSM at IABD Dallas, 2017.

I’ve disregarded this blog for much too long, having put all my focus on Facebook and the various professional commitments that keep me afloat. That said, here’s where I’ll be at the end of this month. New Year’s Blessings to All, in these troubled times. Axé


2 Responses to “CDSM at IABD Dallas, 2017.”

  1. Looks like a wonderful panel! Wishing you health and happiness in 2017, Brenda, and peace and hope for us all.

    • Thanks, Dear Lisa. As Lamar Kendrick said in one of his charismatic raps: “We gon’ be all right!” Even in these troubled times, as we keep hope alive and work for peace and justice and love, I believe him! Love and Highest Good to you and yours.

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