I haven’t posted anything on this humble site for over a year, which is an indication of how time flies. For anyone interested, please visit both my Facebook pages and just scroll through 2014-15-16, and you’ll see I haven’t been at home twiddling my thumbs! Anyway, here’s an interview with me by dance scholar Lynn Brooks, published in Thinking Dance, an online newsletter. Blessings to All! Arrows-at-Racism-in-Dance-and-Beyond-Brenda-Dixon-Gottschild-

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  1. Brenda, what a wonderful interview (and a lovely photo)! I have read it a couple of times, as there is much to think about and unpack. The Undoing Racism website is so interesting, as is the recruitment/retention divide and you CDSM work (a topic my husband, who has been involved in university hiring, and I have talked about). So happy to get this update from you!

    • Thanks so much, Dear Lisa, for taking the time! I’m thrilled that we’ve remained in touch these many years, and I see, from your posts, that our trajectories intersect in important, if not crucial, ways. Sending peace and blessings in these (as always) turbulent times.

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