“Racing” in “Place”: Dance Studies & The Academy

I’ve sadly ignored this blog and am using Facebook for most social media purposes. Please visit me there: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Brenda-Dixon-Gottschild/118530274909216?ref=hl

Meanwhile, here’s the video of a presentation I recently gave at the Franklin Humanities Institute, Duke University (March 25m 2015). I believe the full paper’s up on the FHI website.

2 Responses to ““Racing” in “Place”: Dance Studies & The Academy”

  1. What a wonderful talk and what a treat to see you and hear your voice after having read so many of your words! Thank you for posting this video here. Powerful thoughts, beautifully delivered. ~ Lisa

    • Ah, Dear Lisa: It’s been a while, indeed! I am still forever grateful for your masterful work indexing my Palgrave books, showing how much we were/are on the same page (pun intended)! I forget to check blogs, my own included; FB takes so much time, and thankfully I still get writing assignment and speaking gigs. Hope you are well, my friend. Namasté

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