Coalition for Diasporan Scholars Moving

Manifesto & Mission Statement

As movement researchers and performing scholars of the African Diaspora, we have all experienced some form of either outright discrimination or subversive, exclusionary tactics by the academic community. CDSM is our response to millennial-style racism in our supposed post-racist era. Like those involved in the Civil Rights Movement of the mid-20th century, we are resolved to be proactive. Our fledgling organization is creating a database, disseminating our Mission Statement, and gathering resources (including legal counsel). We welcome new members from across the Diaspora as we extend our base.  A voluntary, non-profit coalition of concerned dancer/scholars, we do not collect dues or elect officers. We are a service organization, ready to “trouble the waters” in order to embrace our future fully and fairly.

Our Mission:

  • To offer strategic advice for Diasporan scholars and movement artists in academic settings
  • To maintain a database for networking and announcements
  • To configure an organized process of pairing mentors and mentees in times of growth and crisis
  • To serve as an accessible hub for national/international collaboration and partnering for efficient processes of sharing resources and social capital
  • To serve as a medium through which members can share experiences and advice, discuss best practices, and offer support.

We can be reached at

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